For foreign victims

For Foreign victims

Mgr. Filip Petráš, attorney at law and partner of the law firm Petráš Rezek s.r.o., offers legal
representation in Platon Life criminal proceedings also to foreign victims. In this section you will find more information and terms of our services.

Due to the large number of victims, the court decided that the victims could exercise their rights in the proceedings only through selected representatives. Mgr. Filip Petráš is one ofthe two such selected representatives.

The main purpose of therepresentation is to claim damages on your behalf. Damages are represented by the money invested. If you are one of those who have invested your funds in the Platon Life project, then you can only claim damages if you first choose a representative. Our law firm offers these services to an unlimited number of victims.

According to the police, the accused persons offered to enter the Platon Life system and purchase Platon Coins, promising certain functionalities of the system and the appreciation of the funds invested, although they knew that the system they created and managed did not have the presented features and was not capable of appreciating or even maintaining the value of the funds invested. In this way, they wheedled from more than 2 000 victims a sum exceeding CZK 400 million, which they used for their own use or for the use of related persons and to keep the system running. However, the exact number of victims is still unknown to the police.

If you wish to request our legal services, please contact us via this email:
We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have at the e-mail address mentioned.

Financial conditions

We have tried to set the financial conditions of our services in such a way that your participation in the proceedings is as profitable as possible, but at the same time the costs of our firm are covered. Based on our experience from similarly large criminal cases, we have set an advance payment of CZK 3 000 + 21 % VAT.

In our opinion, this payment should cover all our costs for the entire criminal proceedings. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that this payment will not be increased in the event
of complicated proceedings. Nevertheless, we are still talking about an increase in the thousands of CZK. The more clients we have in this case, the higher the chances are that our costs will fall within the limit of the advance payment.

We always send advance invoices after a larger number of new clients have contacted us.